Would You Care If Your Man Had an Ex Tattooed on Him?

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams recently shot down Kandi Burruss for spreading rumors suggesting her fiancé Dennis McKinley had been a player in his past.

Kandi had found out Dennis got Porsha’s name tattooed on his body – something she alleged he had also done with exes.

But is it such a big deal? Adrienne reveals she got Rob Kardashian’s name tattooed on her butt when they were together. “Guys! Nobody cares... I think when you get to a certain age and date certain people, you need to recognize they have had a past, and you’re not their first love.”

Disagreeing, Tam said if it was her husband with a tattoo of an ex, she would want to get it removed because she doesn’t need a reminder of his past. “I’m so petty, I would even pay for the removal!”

Jeannie said a man who can openly talk about an ex shows maturity, while Loni summed it up perfectly when she said that when you get to a certain age bracket, you’ve got to be prepared to pick up some baggage.

Real fam, would you make your boo get rid of their ink?


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