'Botched' Doctors Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif Reveal the Most Shocking Surgeries

"Botched" docs Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif left the ladies in shock when they shared some of the most botched surgeries they’ve worked on.

Speaking about the worst plastic surgery he had to fix, Dr. Nassif said it was the result of a dog bite.

“A dog bit her upper lip, and the doctor a little prematurely clipped the lower lip to the upper lip, which you can do. But basically it meant that she couldn’t eat normal food.”

Dr. Dubrow said his was a female patient who’d stabbed her own breast implants on the advice of a surgeon.

“This season on 'Botched,' I had a patient who had a really bad breast problem and didn’t have enough money to have it fixed, so the plastic surgeon said, ‘Well if you go home and stab your implants and rupture them, the implant company will pay.'" “So she went home on his advice and stabbed her breasts, and it turned into a giant disaster. “

The doctors said they also had to treat a man who had most of his nose bitten off by a dog, while the most bizarre case of the series goes to the first ever woman to get her pubic hair transplanted onto her eyebrows. Outside of their show, the surgeons admitted they don’t always agree to treat potential patients, and regularly turn people away if they’re not good candidates.

“Many times. In fact, 30 percent of my patients who sat down yesterday,” Dr. Nassif said. “The reason why is because they want something unrealistic.”

Watch Dr. Dubrow talk about the most botched surgery he’s ever come across.


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