Kevin Hart Announced as 2019 Oscars Host! Will You Be Watching?

Kevin Hart has been announced as the host for the 2019 Oscars, and the comedian has his work cut out for him.

Viewer ratings have slumped over the last few years, and hosting the three-hour show is a tough job to pull off, but Adrienne, Tamera, Jeannie and Loni reckon Kevin has what it takes to crush it.

On Wednesday’s show, Adrienne revealed she suggested Kevin as host before he announced the news himself. “Because he is the host, I’m actually going to tune in this year... I’m actually interested.” Loni pointed out that Kevin is the fourth African-American to host the Oscars, following Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Rock, and she had some tips for the comedian.

“Kevin can’t sing or dance, so I think for a good Oscars opening you need some help. I would love for him to maybe get help from Lin-Manuel Miranda with a good opening number. You start with a great opening number, then you hit ‘em with some great standup.”

She also suggested he get Tiffany Haddish and The Rock to join him.

Adrienne also asked if Kevin would address political controversy during the Oscars, but Loni said he’s “not that type of comic."

Loni continued, “He wants people to be able to escape, so he tends to take politics out of it.”

Viewers also agreed with the hosts, with @jaye_real saying, “Great. I might actually watch this year.” While @mz_imperfect_perfection wrote, “Definitely a great choice… The show tends to drag on, it’ll be nice to have some comedy thrown in there.”

Real fam, will you be tuning in to watch Kevin Hart?


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