Do You Think Men Crying Is a Weakness?

Real fam, do you see men crying as a weakness, or does it just show they’re sensitive?

Journalist and author Chris Hemmings wrote an article asking why it’s okay for women to cry, but men crying can make people feel uncomfortable.

On Thursday’s show, the ladies put the question to guest co-host Chris Harrison.

“No, I embrace it. You often get that on 'The Bachelor,' because it is an emotional ride, and I know people say it’s a TV show, but it’s their real life. Colton [the new Bachelor] is not a particularly pretty crier, he’s an ugly crier.”

Chris said he can count how many times he cried on one hand... before having his daughter. Now he says his girl has the ability to make him boo-hoo all the time.

“I think that’s what happens to dads. You picture a wedding day or graduation, and you just become an emotional ball bag. Maybe it’s a double standard or sexist, but I don’t get that way with my son.”

Loni said seeing men cry doesn’t make her uncomfortable, she just thinks they’re sensitive.

“When I’m dating someone, like I went to see 'A Star Is Born,' and I’m sitting next to my date, and we’re toward the end of the movie, and I’m hearing [makes sniffing noises]. I looked over and said, ‘Are you crying?’”

Chris then asked what Loni would do if he started to cry “after the special moment.”

“No, I’ve got to get out the bed if that happens. Don’t cry!”


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