Loni Apologizes to Chris Harrison for Snatching 'The Real's' Emmy from Him

Loni, Adrienne, Tamera and Jeannie got all emosh on today’s show as they re-watched the moment they picked up their Daytime Emmy Award earlier this year.

Joined by "The Bachelor's" Chris Harrison, who presented them with the award, the ladies recalled snatching the Emmy straight from Chris’ hands, and chucking off their shoes (though Jeannie said she absolutely made sure she got back her Louboutins, saying, “They’re expensive!”).

Chris joked, "I’m from Texas and it was like the Beverly Hillbillies were shot out of a cannon. There were shoes and dresses and bras… it was like we broke up a sorority party at 2am and said, ‘Hey go on stage!’"

“But it was spectacular because of all the snoozy speeches we saw all night. You guys were such a breath of fresh air, because you could tell it was so sincere, and there was this sisterhood and the love, and everyone was going nuts, so it was kind of fun to be a fly on the wall.”

Chris revealed their celebrations got even more wild after they left the stage.

“What you didn’t get to see was backstage… onstage was just a dumpster fire. Backstage was crazier! You guys were going nuts. It was really a special night.”

Making the audience giggle, Loni said she wanted to apologize to Chris for grabbing the award from him.

“I wanna apologize because I just snatched that Emmy out of your hand! I was just excited.”

Adrienne summed it up for all of the ladies. “Best night of our lives.”

We’re not crying. You are.


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