Adrienne Reveals J.Lo Is Israel's 'Hall Pass'! Plus, More Celebrity Hall Passes

Adrienne was left blushing on today’s show when Tamera asked if she would join Jennifer Lopez and her husband Israel for a threesome after confessing that the singer is her hubby’s celebrity hall pass.

“Listen… I’m going to tell you why I wouldn’t… because I’m already weird about just hanging around her,” Adrienne admitted.

“I’m not getting butt naked in front of her and doing a thang, thang! I really look up to this person. She’s my idol.”

Jeannie backed up her co-host, telling the audience, “Adrienne honestly has a respectful view toward J.Lo. She loves her, but she respects her. It’s not crazy, like weird psycho fan, it’s like, I’ve got respect for what you’ve done. I know a lot about you, and because of that I like that line there.”

Loni then dropped the best line of the show. “I have respect for Idris Elba, but hey, if he wanted to do it…”

Of course, Adrienne isn’t the only star to reveal they would give their other half a hall pass!

Michelle Obama recently appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where she confessed that George Clooney is her "freebie."

Canadian singer Michael Bublé recently admitted wife Luisana’s hall pass would be actor Liam Neeson.

Real fam, do you have a hall pass?


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