Giuliana Rancic on Her Fertility Struggles: 'There Was a Lot of Heartache'

Friday’s guest star Giuliana Rancic was candid about her fertility struggles, and she urged others going through it to “keep the faith.”

The E! host went through three rounds of IVF just before she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36 and had to undergo a double mastectomy.

Giuliana and husband Bill welcomed son Duke via gestational carrier in 2012, a year after her diagnosis.

After Duke was born, they had three remaining embryos. In 2014, two embryos were implanted in their surrogate, but she miscarried weeks later. Tragically, their surrogate also later miscarried their last remaining embryo.

Revealing what advice she would give to anyone else struggling with fertility, Giuliana said on the show, “I have a lot of advice, because it’s such a hard thing to go through. I think what I would say is... I went through several rounds of IVF and a lot of heartache, a lot of needles, a lot of doctor appointments, a lot of disappointment."

She continued, “What I would say to someone is just keep the faith, and know that when it happens for you, you will forget about all that heartache, and you will forget that struggle, and you will replace it all with wonderful memories.”

The host, now 44, added, “So, I think just stay focused, stay optimistic and positive, and know that one day you’re not even going to think about that struggle. You’re just going to be so happy that it finally happened.”


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