Giuliana Rancic on the Inspirational Reason Behind Her Skincare Line

Today’s guest co-host Giuliana Rancic opened up about the inspirational reason behind her new skincare line – her breast cancer battle.

The TV star was diagnosed with cancer when she was 36, and underwent a double mastectomy.

Without a history of it in her family, she told the hosts, “It was a real shock, obviously, and I thought to myself, 'You know what? No one can explain why I got breast cancer.' It was out of my control, so I thought, 'What can I control in my life?'"

“Well, what I put in my body I can control, what I put on my skin is what I can control, so I did a lot of research and I realized that your skin is your biggest organ, and something can be absorbed into your skin as quickly as 26 seconds. So you really need to think about what you’re putting on your skin.”

Giuliana, 44, said she also began cleaning up what she was eating.

“First I was buying concoctions, and then I started making things at home, and then I thought, 'This would be a great skincare line to make something that’s not only clean, but that also works on fine lines and wrinkles.'”

The TV host said her aim with her line was also to create something affordable.

“You can find incredible skin care lines that are clean and also work, but here’s the thing... a lot of those tend to be very expensive. So that’s what I tried to do with Fountain of Truth.”


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