Sherri Shepherd's Incredible Weight Loss Journey After she Lost 25 Pounds, Thanks to Sugar-Free Diet

Monday’s guest star Sherri Shepherd opened up about her weight loss journey, telling the hosts she hasn’t had any sugar for 276 days.

The actress, 51, has been proudly showing off her incredible new figure on Instagram after dropping 25 pounds since March, thanks to a strict keto diet.

“I’m down 10 or 12 inches from the waist,” she told Adrienne, Loni, Tamera and Jeannie.

Revealing what sparked the health kick, Sherri said she was in the car eating a chocolate bar when her son said, “Mommy, mommy!” and she shouted back, “What?” because all the sugar had been making her irritable.

She told the hosts he heartbreakingly asked her: “Who is going to take care of me if you die?”

Sherri said that led to her having a vision of a doctor telling her, “You have something irreversible,” and admitted, "That kind of shocked me into quitting cold turkey.”

The actress said now she’s now so happy she has her health, and has a lot more energy.

“Sherrie, you look so healthy and refreshed. You look 25,” one of her fan’s wrote underneath a gorgeous shot of taken backstage at The Real.

“Dang @sherrieshepherd you look amazing. Just motivated me to get my life together,” a second complimented.

Work it, Sherri!


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