The Ladies Weigh In on Kevin Hart Quitting Oscars as Nick Cannon Comes to His Defense

In Monday’s "Girl Chat," the ladies weighed in on Kevin Hart’s decision to step down as host of the 2019 Oscar ceremony, after some of the comedian’s controversial jokes resurfaced. The tweets contained derogatory slurs and language against the LGBQT community.

Over the weekend, Nick Cannon came to Kevin’s defense by reposting a string of tweets from female comedians that contained similar language to Kevin’s tweets.

Nick posted tweets by Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler. He wrote, “Interesting, I wonder if there was any backlash here...”

Tam asked Loni what she thinks of Kevin’s decision to step down, and about Nick’s comments.

Loni said, “First of all, as a comic I think all of us in the past have used some type of derogatory, offensive terms to everybody. I’ve been guilty of it… all of us, not just in the black community, but other communities have been guilty of it. The problem that I had is that I talked to Kevin and he said, ‘I’m good,’ and I thought he was still going to go on with it, but I think he let his ego get involved and instead of taking a step back and saying, ‘You know what? Let’s make this a teachable moment where we include our LGBTQ friends and learn from this,’ he just decided to step down. He could have taken a step up. That’s the one issue that I have.”

Loni also questioned why Nick had only picked white women.

“There have been white males... there have been black males that have said things,” Loni said.

Pointing to Sarah, Amy and Chelsea, Loni said they’re all her friends. “I don’t hang around people that are bad people… these three women have used the terms, but they’ve also been allies in the LGBQT community, meaning there’s a difference between jokes and straight up shaming and hatred.

“There’s a fine line and we still need to have a conversation in this country about that to help our LGBQT friends that they are welcomed and loved, and this could have been a great opportunity. ”

Jeannie added: “If you really want to keep it real, every single one of us are one tweet away from losing our job or losing your position because we’ve all said some wrong things. All of us... or laughed at some wrong things.”


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