Angela Simmons Divides Fans and Hosts with Instagram Post About Changing Your Life

Reality star Angela Simmons recently made a motivational Instagram video for her followers, encouraging them to change their lives if they’re feeling stuck... but not everyone found it so inspiring.

“You’re never stuck in anything,” she said. “You always have a chance in life to make life changes. If you don't like the path you're on, you can change it.”

Angela went on, "Nothing in life is permanent unless you allow that to be the story of your life."

Many people on social media were quick to call out Angela’s privilege, like one Twitter user who wrote, “That kind of advice carries a different weight depending on who it comes from. She's set up to where she can change whatever she needs to far more easily than most of the people she's directing this message to.”

Chiming in, Adrienne agreed with the sentiment of Angela’s post, telling her co-hosts, “I think the person saying this has the problem that Angela is talking about. Angela is not talking about ‘you can change your status or you can change your tax bracket or financial situation.’ She’s talking about the root of the problem, which is your mindset... guess what? There’s people who have millions of dollars and they’re miserable.”

She went on, “The realistic side of this sadly is, yes, Angela may have been raised in a privileged family, but that didn’t stop her from suffering from heartache, that didn’t stop her from her child sadly losing his father… and yes, she’s ‘privileged,’ according to you, but she’s still human. And a human, is a human, is a human. And I think what she was trying to do here was inspire you that if you change your mind, then after that, the rest will follow.”

While Loni agreed that Angela was trying to inspire, she didn’t think the message came across in the right way.

“I understand she was trying to do it, and she was trying to be motivating, but then people look at her Instagram and see her in a bikini in Miami and they don’t see any type of suffering… what I’m saying is we’re living in time where people are judging you by what you put on social media.”

Loni went on, “She’s just putting up a blank statement not understanding that people that are outside of her are seeing her living a different type of life, so that’s why they make the statements because they are hurting. Maybe the message should have been 'don’t get stuck, keep trying.'”

Real fam, was Angela’s post hit or miss?


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