Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Talk Marriage, and Loni Tears Up Discussing Diana Ross

Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross joined "The Real" ladies on the sofa today to chat about music, their marriage, plans for 2019, and Diana Ross.

The pair, who married in 2014, said they’re like “Old farts,” but Ashlee said he still takes her on dates and makes “me feel good.”

The mom of two said the only thing they ever argue about is her choosing to go to bed at 8:30 pm.

“I can have my fun though, I’m not that boring. I can go there,” Ashlee insisted and confessed to her early bedtime.

The couple kick off their joint tour in New York on January 7, and said they would be bringing the kids, Jagger Snow Ross and Bronx Wentz (Ashlee’s son with Pete Wentz), to join them at some point.

Talking about what they love about touring and more specifically tour buses, Evan dropped some name bombshells... when he said he had been on Michael Jackson’s tour bus and also his mother's, Diana Ross.

Speaking of his mom, Evan described her as an “amazing mother.”

Loni then chimed in with a fact about the legendary "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" singer, “Let me tell you something about your mother. She was from the Brewster Projects like I was.”

Tearing up, Loni continued, “I remember as a little girl she would drive through and wave, and that gave me so much hope.”


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