Hill Harper on Teaching Mandarin to His Son, 3, and the Secret Behind Youthful Looks

Hill Harper joined the ladies on the show today to talk about teaching his 3-year-old son a new language, and the secret behind his youthful appearance.

“The Good Doctor” actor, 52, said he put son Pierce in a Chinese immersion school to learn Mandarin.

“In this country we don’t emphasize speaking multiple languages enough,” Hill told the hosts. “If you start really young, you can pick up languages much easier later, so it’s really about expressing yourself and expanding your brain, and his ability to think in multiple languages.”

Regarding his incredible skin, he told Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie and Tam that he started to pay more attention to what products he was using after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.

“For my whole life I’ve thought about skin and taking care of my skin. How you feel about yourself relates to how you walk in the world. Sometimes for men there’s not a lot of emphasis on taking care of yourself and you got a lot of guys who end up with keloids and marks all over their face.”

The actor went on, “Then I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, and my father died of cancer, so I became even more aware about what I put on my skin and how the carcinogens and all the things they load into certain skincare products can impact you.”

That led the actor to launch his own line of healthy products for men and women, and Loni was the lucky lady to get a personal body oil application from Hill.

Check it out above!


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