Jeannie Talks Being a 'Hopeless Romantic,' Confirms She’s Dating Again

Jeannie revealed she’s back on the dating scene!

On Monday's show, the hosts were discussing “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson moving on from Ariana Grande after she broke his heart, and Jeannie said she gave herself a year following her divorce.

“I’m dating now because I love love, guys. I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in love for everybody, and I really enjoy life, and I like what you can learn with other people beside you. I think you can learn a lot about yourself, and I’ve spent the year giving myself so much love that I’m full of it… I’m ready!”

Earlier, Jeannie said when it comes to moving on, you’ve got to think about who did the breaking up.

“I initiated divorce. For me, I wanted to wait at least a year just out of respect for everything.”

She added, “But when I saw he moved on it actually released me. I thought, ‘Oh okay we’re good!’ and it made me so happy. You never want to be that person who leaves someone in a broken state of heart and you never want them to think they’re damaged goods.”

Jeannie warned that people need to be aware of dating someone who has experienced a recent split.

“Not only should it be okay for you to move on when you’re ready, but just know that dating someone who has gone through a breakup or divorce... they’re going to process some emotions and you may be on the receiving end for some of those, so just be gentle about that.”

She finished the segment by encouraging the Real fam to “shoot your shot, believe in love and take care of yourself!”


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