Rebound Romances! How Long Should You Wait Before You Start Dating Again?

When is it acceptable to move on from your past relationship, Real fam?

That’s the question the ladies asked on Wednesday’s show after Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancé Pete Davidson was spotted wining and dining a mystery lady in New York earlier this week.

“Thank u, next” singer Ariana and Pete split in October after a whirlwind romance, and some fans think it might be too soon for the “Saturday Night Live” star to be asking girls out.

Disagreeing, Loni said Pete is absolutely right to be living his life after Ariana broke things off with him, and explained that people should just have fun, because first dates don’t necessarily mean marriage.

“She broke up with him publicly,” Loni told her co-hosts. “My thing is live your life, Pete, alright? Pete, he got a lot of bullying online. Sometimes you’ve got to get offline and live your actual life, so I’m for you if you want to go out and get your confidence and self-esteem back.”

Jeannie backed Loni, “I’m all about Pete going out there," though she added that you’ve got to think about who did the breaking up and how serious the relationship was. “I initiated divorce. For me, I wanted to wait at least a year just out of respect for everything.”

Jeannie shared, “But when I saw he moved on, it actually released me. I thought, ‘Oh okay we’re good!’ and it made me so happy. You never want to be that person who leaves someone in a broken state of heart and you never want them to think they’re damaged goods."

She continued, “Not only should it be okay for you to move on when you’re ready, but just know that dating someone who has gone through a breakup or divorce they’re going to process some emotions, and you may be on the receiving end for some of those, so just be gentle about that.”

Adrienne said people just need to be honest and truthful with the new person they’re dating.

“You can’t play games with people’s emotions. I think it’s incredibly important to explain to the new person exactly what happened in the past so they can make a reasonable, level-headed, wise decision on whether or not you are ready to go into this new relationship, or it’s still too fresh.”

The Real fam also weighed in with their views, with @crownedncurlz writing on Instagram, “You should wait until they are healed and that door is bolted shut.”

While @babygurl2k5 said, “It depends! But I would say ASAP because if you don’t someone else will, and if they get interested it might be too late for you.”


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