Adrienne Gave Tamera Christmas Homework Involving a Saucy Santa Outfit

Adrienne gave Tamera some Christmas homework on today’s show… involving a sexy Santa outfit!

The ladies were discussing if they’d ever dressed up for their partners.

“Has Adam never dressed up as Santa for you?” Adrienne asked Tam.

“No, he has not,” Tam replied, while Loni joked, “We are happy he hasn’t!”

Tam then admitted her hubby has worn a Santa hat before, but “had his PJs on.”

“He didn’t take everything off,” she added.

Adrienne then encouraged Tamera to unleash her saucy Santa side.

“This is a social experiment we’re going to have at 'The Real.' I’m going to send you home with homework."

Adrienne gives Tamera homework

“I’m always down for your homework,” Tam replied. “Though the last time, I got pregnant… I don’t want to get pregnant!”

When asked if Israel has dressed up for her, Adrienne smiled, “Oh, 100 percent! I am Santa’s little helper and he has been Santa. And it is super sexy. You want to end up on the naughty list though... it works out better for you.”

Adrienne told Tam that she has to be “Santa’s sexy little helper” over the holidays.

Jeannie then chimed in, “There’s always fun in having a fantasy, and there’s a big difference between having Santa as your daddy and Santa as your Zaddy!”

Agreeing, Adrienne added, “And that, my friend, is the difference. You can have fun playing dress up. It’s just fun and fantasy, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!”

Real fam, would you dress up as Santa’s little helper for your partner?


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