How High Are Your Standards? Woman Walks Out On Date Over Dodgy Dishes!

How high are your dating standards, Real fam?

That’s the question the hosts wanted to know after a photo of a man’s date-night dinner wound up going viral.

Facebook user Sticks Swervo’s friend invited a girl he was crushing on over to his place for a dinner date. He made her rolls, fried chicken and spaghetti, but when she saw his presentation (he used a plastic bucket for the spaghetti and the chicken was on a piece of paper!) she said, “Where the dishes at?” and then bolted for the door.

On Thursday’s show, Loni and Tam sided with his date, saying he could have at least put the spaghetti on a plastic plate, while Jeannie said the food still looked good despite the dish disaster.

Adrienne sided with the guy who got ditched, saying poor presentation wouldn’t put her off, because love doesn’t need to be about fancy things.

“This doesn’t bother me at all. I really appreciate the effort,” she said. “My sister’s husband is now an incredible partner at an amazing law firm, and some of their greatest stories together are when they were in college together and they would split one slice of pizza, and I always hear them tell that story and I’m like, ‘Yo!’ That’s like love when you can see past the bucket and the newspaper and instead you’re like, ‘Wow you really tried to do something dope for me.’”

Loni declared can only get away with that kind of presentation if you’re in your twenties.

Do you want to be dating a 40-year-old man who still doesn’t own proper dishes, Real fam?


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