Oprah Winfrey Reacts to Funny Viral Clip of Her Tasting Unseasoned Chicken Dish!

Talk show legend Oprah Winfrey has responded to a viral clip of her tasting a chicken dish that hadn’t been seasoned with ANY salt or pepper. “The Real” ladies chatted about the funny moment earlier this week after a writer dug up a 2006 video from Oprah’s show, in which she's trying a woman’s chicken and stuffing spinach that won a $1 million prize.

After taking a huge mouthful, the guest asked Oprah if she liked it.

Struggling to find her words, the talk show host responded as politely as possible, “I, I, I, I do like it… I like it very much. Did we add salt and pepper?” Laughing, Oprah went on, “I think we needed salt and pepper.”

The woman replied, “No, there’s no salt and pepper in it, but you can add it yourself.” “I think it’s delicious, is what it really is,” Oprah eventually told her.

The clip ended up attracting so much attention, the talk show star took to Instagram on Thursday to address it.

Oprah shared, “I always wanted anybody who came on the show, no matter what they did, to have a good experience. And I also wanted to stay in my own truth while allowing them to have that good experience. I was having a moment of trying to decide, ‘Do I want her to have a great time? What is my real moment of truth?’”

She went on: “Because the truth for me was that I am used to having salt and pepper on my chicken. That’s just the truth. That’s what I was thinking... this chicken needs some salt and pepper.”

“The truth” is exactly what “The Real” ladies were also thinking on Wednesday’s show. “What’s crazy is that it’s a $1 million prize and she told Oprah to add the seasoning herself? Honey, you’re feeding Oprah! You should have added the salt and pepper from the beginning,” a shocked Tamera explained.

Jeannie said “some people” just didn’t grow up adding seasoning to their dishes. “This goes back to how you were raised and what culture you come from, and that’s why America is so beautiful. This melting pot is full of some seasoning, yo! I’m just saying some people… some people… some people… didn’t grow up with the multi-color spices that you see up here on The Real.”

She joked, “So the Bible verse fits perfectly in this… forgive them for what they do not know!” Tam said her husband Adam is “some people,” and admitted she even has her own little salt bowl for when he cooks.

“I give my husband props because my husband is part of that some people. He’s a great cook, but I give him props because I have my own little salt bowl. Like, after he finishes the food, I’m always like, ‘Can I have a little bit more salt?’ and he likes it the way he likes it because that’s how he was raised, and I have my little bowl of salt… but he doesn’t take offense to it.”

Not satisfied with just a small bowl, Loni joked, “I just go in her cabinet and get the big old kosher salt and I say, ‘I’m not playing with you today, Adam!’”


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