Friday Inspiration from 'The Real' ladies!

Adrienne, Loni, Tamera and Jeannie are here to make sure you start the weekend in the right way!

From relationship inspiration to the advice they would give their younger selves, check out these little pearls of wisdom from the hosts to get you motivated.

Why Holding on to Painful Memories Can Sometimes Help

Adrienne, “Childhood traumatic memories I would erase. In relationships? No, because I need to remember you were a terrible human being to me. In relationships, yes you can forgive but I don’t think you can forget. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Any time when I would break up with someone and they hurt me, and they would come back to me and be like, ‘I love you,’ I would have to remind myself of the pain they caused me, how they disregarded me, how I was disposable to them, and I would constantly remind myself of that so I wouldn’t take them back, and I wouldn’t end up in the same place that I’ve been before. Sometimes I think that’s why God created your memories – so that you can learn from your past and move on and do better next time.”

When to Make Sacrifices and What Not to Give Up in Your Relationship

Loni, “These are the things you should never give up in a relationship… your independence, your happiness, your dreams and goals, your self-respect, your beliefs, your friends and family, your privacy, your identity and your ability to make decisions.”

Jeannie, “Of course you have to sacrifice to make relationships work… but those are important things I will not give up for anybody out there at all. There is one thing I will add to that list that I will not sacrifice, and it’s my closet space!”

Advice the Hosts Would Give to Their Younger Selves

Adrienne, “I was anxious when I was young. I would wake up every day not knowing what was coming in the future. I was worried about what was going to happen. I was really worried about what life would be and I really wish someone told me then that God has a plan for your life, it’s all going to work out exactly the way it is supposed to. I was an anxious teenager because I just wanted to control everything and I was hard on myself. I would say, Sorry and girl… when you hit 30, your metabolism is going to slow down!’”

How to Handle Being Judged

Tamera, “Whenever somebody tries to judge me, I’m not going to make an agreement with whatever you have to say. I’ve discovered that a lot of the times, people are just putting their insecurities and their negative stereotypes and projecting it on you. Don’t do that to me, that’s your own issue! You figure that out first.”


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