Would You Ever Trust Your Own Mom to Play Matchmaker?

You let your girlfriends do it, but would your ever let your mom set you up on a date?

Patricia Gonzalez recently became a viral sensation after she decided to play matchmaker for her son Cody. Patricia approached a random group of girls at her local supermarket, and showed them a picture of Cody in hopes they’d find him cute and want to date him.

After one of the girls, Charisma, tweeted about meeting Patricia, word got back to Cody, who tracked Charisma down and ended up going on a date with her.

When it comes to mom playing matchmaker, Adrienne admitted that although her mom would do a good job, she would much rather meet someone herself.

“I’m just scared about stuff like this in general,” an unsure Adrienne said. “I do think my mom would be good at this, but it’s more about just who you think would be good with someone. There actually has to be that physical chemistry and attraction when you meet somebody.”

Loni asked her co-host, “Do you not trust that your mother would know your attributes and would probably see that in a man?”

Adrienne replied, “I don’t know, because what someone is on paper may not be what they are in here [points to heart].”

After agreeing with Adrienne, Jeannie shared her hilarious experiences of Mama Mai trying to set her up following her divorce.

Jeannie revealed, “My mom gets really emotional about the divorce, and now she just doesn’t want me to be alone because she thinks alone is a bad thing. It’s not. I’m very happy, but what she’ll do is hook me up with people, but in front of them!

“One time we were at Costco, and she ran up to me with a dude and she was like, ‘Look! Look! Jeannie! He work, he have a discount!

“Another time we were at a club and she walked up to me with this really handsome guy, a guy that I would actually like. And she said, ‘Look, look, he chocolate just like you like!’ And I almost died. I can’t after that.”

It only got worse for Jeannie, because Mama Mai also once tried to set her up with a guy who had no teeth.

"I was like, ‘Hi,’ and I didn’t know what she was doing. And she was like, ‘He don’t speak English, but he handsome when he smiles,’ and so he smiled and he had no teeth!”

But Mama Mai isn’t about looks, according to Jeannie, who said when she told her mom he didn’t have any teeth, she replied, “Why you look at the physical? He have a good heart!”

“She just wants me to find love,” Jeannie finished, “But I want that chemistry, and I want to find it myself.”

Real fam, would you let your mom play matchmaker?


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