Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheredge Brown Bring Kids on Show, Share Holiday Traditions!

Bobby Brown and wife Alicia Etheredge Brown were today’s guests, and brought their adorable kids to the show!

The pair, who have been married since June 2012, admitted they spoil their kids at Christmas, but said they also said they make sure they teach them the value of money and giving back by asking them to package up toys they don’t use so they can donate them to less fortunate kids.

“Oh, I go crazy,” Bobby admitted when Loni asked what the holidays are like in the Brown house. “My babies are totally spoiled. I spoil them. My wife is like, ‘You gotta stop!’”

Alicia agreed, adding, “We do, but we have a tradition and especially before the holidays… Is they have to go in their room and clean out toys… there’s so many, right? I put them up and they never even play with them, so all those unwrapped toys they come down and we donate them to less fortunate children. There are so many children that don’t even get a gift, so we make sure they know the value of that.”

They were then joined onstage by their adorable kids, Cassius, Bodhi and Hendrix, and niece Kingston, who all brought along a special donation.

The couple also spoke about who does the cooking in their household (Bobby!).

“I like cooking over the holidays,” Alicia said. “I loved cooking for Thanksgiving and did something new… seafood gumbo and it was a hit. I love diving in over the holidays, especially with our kids.”

Speaking about Bobby’s best dish, Alicia said her hubby has “so many good” ones. “I really do love his Shrimp a la Bobby, is what he calls it. The Bobby part is the seasoning.”


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