Holiday Party Dos & Don'ts! What You Should Never Say to Someone!

On today’s show, the hosts talked about what you should and shouldn’t be saying at your Christmas party in order to avoid embarrassment the morning after the night before!

John Crudele of the New York Post recently listed what is and isn’t okay to talk about at your annual event. He said topics you should avoid are sex, Bill Cosby, the Catholic Church, and he also said whether you love him or hate him, do not bring up President Trump. Instead, he suggests talking about the weather, movies you’ve seen lately, and how you’re enjoying the party.

“The weather?!” a shocked Jeannie asked. “Boring!”

Tam said she doesn’t see a problem with chatting about the weather or movies, and Loni said asking about your colleague’s family is also okay.

She went on, “I don’t think you should talk about illnesses or discuss salary, or I don’t think you should gossip.”

A confused Adrienne asked what Loni meant by illnesses, and Loni joked, “You know? Like, oh girl, I’ve been itching…”

Jeannie admitted she’s always the one to bring up the wrong topics at a Christmas party, but it’s always worked for her.

“I feel like I just bring up awkward topics and don’t realize they’re awkward until the response I get. I’m an acquired taste… I have met some of the best friends I have today by saying something awkward.”

Tam then chimed in with a story from last year’s Christmas party involving Jeannie.

“I remember what you said one time to Adam and me on the dance floor… you were like, ‘Oh, I know y’all are good together because I can see y’all on the dance floor… the way you guys dance. That was a nice compliment!”

Jeannie added, “When you have a partner that can body roll with you… hey now!”

Adrienne wrapped up the chat by saying she doesn’t think guidelines should even exist, while Loni told people to stay away from alcohol.

“My issue with having guidelines for parties is that if we have to give you guidelines, what does that say about your character or integrity?

Loni concluded, “Let loose, but not too loose. Try to keep your jobs!”


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