Is Meghan Markle SUIT-ing Up for a Television Return?

Pinkies UP, Real fam, it’s time for some royal-tea!

The ladies of “The Real” sat down to discuss the latest gossip in the royalsphere, following rumors that Meghan Markle has been invited back to her old stomping grounds, the show “Suits,” to make a cameo appearance!

Sounds exciting, right? But not so fast! Given tradition, a member of the royal family is not expected to be paid for any type of work, but instead should do work only for the benefit of charity.

“The Real’s” very own royal correspondent, Loni Love, broke down the situation for her co-hosts, saying, “The people at 'Suits' really want Meghan to make a cameo, and by a cameo they mean they will pay MILLIONS of dollars to her favorite charity because she can’t accept the money. But they will give her millions of dollars just to do a cameo. They’re even willing to go to England to actually shoot it there. BUT, I don’t think the Queen is going to go for it.”

Adrienne, like the rest of us, is wondering, “WHY?!”

Loni replied, “That’s her old life, and the Queen is about being royal, and we are not doing this on no ‘Suits’!”

Adrienne argued a good point, saying that the purpose of being a royal is to spread goodwill to the people. “But I thought the whole point of being royalty was for you to do good for other people, like charitable work… that God-given talent, she’s an actress. I think if she uses her talent to give back to charity… that’s her gift. If she can use her talent to make millions to give back to charity, then why not?”

Loni, who believes the Queen of England simply wouldn’t be down for accepting the offer, explained the one thing that may sway her opinion. “The only reason why I would see it happening, would be if Prince Harry went to the queen and said, ‘You know, let’s do this one time for my wife. We’re going to make a lot of money.'”

Tell us, Real fam. Will the Queen consider approving this multi-million dollar offer for The Duchess of Sussex, or have we seen all that we will see of Markle as Rachel Zane on the hit USA Network series? Let us know your thoughts!


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