A Moment of Relief with Vicks VapoRub

We’re celebrating 125 years of soothing cough relief with Vicks VapoRub! VapoRub’s soothing vapors relieve coughs without the need to worry about drug interactions or ingesting artificial ingredients, flavors and dyes found in traditional oral cold medicines.

VapoRub was created in 1894 by a pharmacist who was caring for his sick son and found that the medicine provided the relief his son needed.

In addition to VapoRub, Vicks now has a variety of products to provide soothing relief to your family throughout cold and flu season which include:

  • VapoCOOL Drops:  Vaporize sore throat pain
  • BabyRub:  Gentle & non-medicated to soothe babies 3 months and older
  • VapoInhaler:  Breathe easy with soothing Vicks vapors

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