Is Anything Off Limits in Standup Comedy? Deon Cole Shares His Thoughts

In the world of standup, what jokes can you say can and what can’t you say?

Deon Cole stopped by “The Real” on Tuesday, and opened up with his thoughts on the current state of comedy. According to the “Black-ish” star, it’s hard out there for comedians these days.

Loni asked him if he keeps anything off limits in his own comedy sets. Deon replied, “Right now everybody’s so timid, everybody’s so soft. It’s like you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what to say, you don’t know what’s to post. It’s like I want everybody to stop being so lame, just loosen up a little bit. Like, everybody don’t have malice in them.”

Deon touched on the topic again later, urging people to keep an open mind at standup shows. “People have to lighten up and just really relax when it comes to coming to shows. It’s a really hard time for comics right now. We don’t know what we can say, what we can’t say. So, you can’t come in there with a closed mind. You should be happy that other people think differently. The more people we have that think differently, the more opportunity we have to change. And that is very important, you know? For us to be different, you know what I mean?"

He even shouted out a Founding Father of the United States while making his point! "Benjamin Franklin, he went outside with a kite and a key, you think he had friends and he cared about what everybody thought about?” he joked.

What do you think, Real fam? When it comes to comedy right now, do people need to lighten up?


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