Adrienne Is Not Bad Luck! Allow Her to Defend Herself…

Don’t come for Adrienne about her spilling and saying she's bad luck! She’s here to set the record straight.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Real,” Adrienne hit reply on social media comments that say she’s constantly clumsy, “bad luck,” and prone to sneezing! Ready for her explanation? Allow her to break it down.

“Number one, we’ve been doing this show for six years. In six years I think I’ve spilled something on TV maybe twice, max,” Adrienne explained.

“One time I spilled this,” she said, pointing to a coffee cup. “And one time I spilled a drink. And by the way, the reason why I spilled the drink was what you couldn’t see that was me and Tam were actually sniffing the flowers that were next to us.”

Apparently, there was something “funky” smelling with the flowers, and Adrienne went in for a sniff, which caused her to knock her drink over! There you have it, Real fam.

But that’s not all. Adrienne is also letting the world know that she is not bad luck!

“I’m not bad luck, and no one will get injured because I’ve never broken a bone in my body, 35 years old. I’ve never had stitches, never been injured.” She’s got the good things that have happened to her in her life to prove it.

“But you do sneeze on me,” Loni said.

“It just comes out of nowhere sometimes!” Adrienne defended herself. “And that has happened twice, again, in six years.”

We hear you, Adrienne. This case of alleged clumsiness is officially closed.


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