Have You Ever Been Mistaken for a Celebrity?

Celebrities are sometimes mistaken for other celebrities, and it pays off!

On Wednesday’s episode of the “The Real,” the hosts chatted about a recent video Sherri Shepherd shared on her Instagram, in which the comedian said she was welcomed into a Delta Lounge after people thought she was none other than Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer!

“They think that I am Octavia Spencer, and I can’t tell them that I’m Sherri Shepherd, because they’re going to throw me out of the VIP lounge here at Delta… because I used your name to get in,” Sherri is seen saying in the clip.

The hilarious story prompted the ladies to discuss their own cases of mistaken identity involving other celebrities.

Yvette Nicole Brown revealed she too has been mistaken for Octavia Spencer, and Loni said she’s been confused for Yvette, and once passed as Aretha Franklin! Jeannie has said people have confused her for actress Brenda Song.

Adrienne doesn’t think she has a celebrity doppelgänger, saying, “I don’t get confused or mixed up with anybody!”

“Everybody know you!” Loni assured her.

“They just think I’m just nobody all the time,” Adrienne responded.

Loni added, “Sometimes you do look like J.Lo, like on your pictures sometimes,” to which Adrienne replied, “I’ll take it.”

Have you ever been involved in a celebrity mix-up?


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