Yvette Nicole Brown Has the Octavia Spencer Scoop

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Real,” the ladies discussed a hilarious video in which Sherri Shepherd admitted she posed as Octavia Spencer to get into the Delta Lounge.

It turns out, guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown has the scoop on Octavia’s thoughts on the matter, and she took the time to share them on Thursday’s show. Yvette hit up Octavia, and Octavia texted her back!

Yvette revealed, “She said, first of all, that she’s aware that we all get mistaken for each other, and she encouraged us to make that money, so whatever we can get in her name, she said go on and get it.”

What a response!

Loni remarked, “I love Octavia. Thank you so much for responding. Isn’t it nice? We never thought that we would be so close to an Oscar winner.”

Yvette added, “Yeah, we started… me, Loni, Sherri, Niecy… all of us started around the same time, and you know, you never know which one is going to shoot out of a cannon. And Octavia, with her three Oscar nominations and win, and she’s a producer now! It’s so great to know… and she has not changed, which is the other thing. A lot of times people get highfalutin. But she will answer a text like that, and be like, 'Girl, go on in the Delta Lounge.'”


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