Would You Only Want to Date Someone Who Makes More Money Than You?

Mary J. Blige is apparently done taking care of men. Do you agree with her dating attitude, Real fam?

On Friday’s show, the ladies of “The Real” talked about Mary’s BBC Radio 1Xtra comments, where she revealed she would want to be with a man who has more money than she does.

While guest NeNe Leakes understood Mary’s sentiment, since the singing superstar is at a certain place in her life and has “been through something,” Adrienne noted that “there is a difference between a man being broke, and expecting someone to be a multi-millionaire.”

Adrienne went on to say, “I agree and I disagree. I think he absolutely should be able to take care of himself, but I think asking for someone to have more money than you when you’re already in a small bracket of people, is asking a lot. And I’m only saying this because I always talk to my girlfriends, and I’m like, ‘Man, if you would just take some of those expectations off, maybe you could find someone that loves you, supports you and fulfills you so much to a place where it propels you, and then you might end up being the breadwinner, and then you might end up going from millionaire to billionaire because their love has inspired you.”

Adrienne then added, “I feel like love can do that for you.”

Are you with Adrienne on this one, Real fam? Can love inspire you professionally and financially?


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