Chrissy Teigen Is Sick of John Legend Being Asked This Question

Chrissy Teigen is known for her outspoken thoughts and often hilarious social media musings, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to ask her husband John Legend about how he “deals” with them.

“I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically “how do you deal with your wife” and ... I don’t love it,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

Chrissy added, “It happens a lot. ‘does she ask you if certain things are okay to say?’’s just very weird to me."

Chrissy went on to point out, “no. he doesn’t. I don’t care. and he doesn’t care. end of question. he usually does the standard ‘no...she knows what she’s doing...’ but it’s not even that. It’s just that I am a different human than him? It is theeeee most common question with him. Please stop.”

John responded to Chrissy’s candid plea, defending her by reiterating that he doesn’t have to give her permission when it comes to the way she communicates.

He tweeted, “Yeah my wife is brilliant, savvy, funny as hell and clearly better at social media than me. She doesn't need my advice or censorship when it comes to how she communicates with the public.”

The ladies of “The Real” applauded John’s comments on Monday’s show, and talked about if they related to her concerns.

Adrienne said, “This to me feels so old school. Where it’s like if you have a woman who is outspoken, funny, she shares a lot… Like I’m sure people ask all the time, our husbands, like, 'Is it okay what Tam said?’ No, you’re a grown woman and he married you for a reason, he chose you for a reason, he knows the woman that you are and obviously he’s okay with what you say because, again, he’s married to you.”

Adrienne added, “You don’t need permission from a man to speak up.”

Loni weighed in, saying, “The problem is they can’t believe the stuff that Chrissy tweets, and what she tweets is funny, it’s herself, so that’s why they’re always trying to come back with him,” and went on to say that Chrissy’s tweets make John look even sexier.

Loni added, “The thing is, people always want to ask permission for women. Anytime a woman does something that’s independent, there’s gotta be somebody behind it and it’s just not true.”

Do you agree, Real fam? Do you relate to Chrissy on this one?


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