Quincy Brown Reveals His Musical Influences

Quincy Brown has quite the musically-talented family tree, so in what way has it affected him?

The “Star” actor stopped by “The Real” on Tuesday and opened up about how he’s been influenced by his famous fam.

“Music runs through your family. I mean, Quincy Jones is your godfather. Al B. Sure, you’re looking just like him, that’s your biological dad. You know, Diddy is your step-dad. Who do you get the most musical influence from, do you think?” Loni asked Quincy.

Quincy explained that he’s taken certain aspects from each of them. He replied, “I think it’s a mixture of both, for sure, you know. Especially with the smoothness of my dad, that era that he grew up in. I’m definitely an old soul. So I take from him from that. And you know, with my step-pops, he’s just a different breed when it comes to entertainment-wise, so I definitely got that all instilled in me as well. So, got a little mix of both.”

“And then you got the classic with Quincy Jones?” Loni went on to ask, to which Quincy responded, “absolutely.”

Quincy also confirmed he was indeed named after legendary record producer Quincy Jones.

Talk about learning from the greats. Real fam, did you inherit a talent from any of your family members?


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