'The Real' Hosts Share Their Thoughts on Will Smith’s Possible New Role

Will Smith might just have landed a major part! The A-lister is reportedly set to play Serena and Venus’ father, Richard Williams, in the upcoming biopic "King Richard."

The casting news is already being met with backlash on social media as many expressed anger that the role didn’t go to a darker-skinned actor, which “The Real” hosts discussed on Wednesday’s show.

Loni said, “This is the reason it kind of matters in this case. You have to understand the story of Richard Williams and Serena and Venus. You know, coming from Compton, taking his daughters in a sporting event that was basically white, and all the trials and tribulations they had to go through. The reason why a lot of people would like a better representation is not that Will couldn’t play it. You know he’ll kill it, but someone that is a little closer to the representation, because if Will Smith is gonna play Richard, who’s going to play Venus and Serena?”

Adrienne asked if Serena is involved in the film, remarking, “If this is her story, maybe she has a reason for why, maybe there is an attachment, maybe Will Smith had some sort of relationship there, and there’s an understanding, and maybe he can interpret it in her opinion best. But I can only imagine the frustration of darker actors who don’t get the opportunity to play roles like this that actually look like them.”

While Adrienne shouted out Mahershala Ali and Idris Elba, Loni added that “maybe somebody new” should take on the role. Tamera thought Don Cheadle might be a good choice, noting that sometimes films put profit first, rather than “focusing on the actor and the real person and how they would be a perfect match.”

Jeannie went on to say, “I think if it’s enough of a decision that the majority of people, onlookers go, ‘What? Why?’... then it needs explanation. You can’t just kind of bypass it.”

What do you think of this potential casting choice?


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