'The Real' Talks Mommy Makeovers: 'The World Is Obsessed with Seeing the Snapback'

Moms face a lot of pressure as it is, so why should they have to deal with scrutiny over their physical appearance?

“The Real” got to talking about the idea of mommy makeovers on Thursday’s show, and discussed how women often feel the need to “snapback” after having kids.

Tamera drew on her own experiences as a mother, and felt that moms should get a makeover if that’s what works for them, but they shouldn’t do it because society or someone else is driving them to that decision.

Tam explained, “I mean it depends. I think that if you want to have a mommy makeover because it’s going to make you feel good and be confident in yourself, why not? Go ahead and do it. But at the same time, make sure you’re not being pressured into doing it, because the reality is that the world does pressure new moms to be that person that they were before they gave birth mentally, physically and spiritually.”

For Tam, she’s content with the person she is, saying, “For me, I don’t want to be that person. I’ve evolved. I’m a better version of myself after I had my children. And if I want some abs, you know, I’m working on it right now, I’m gonna take my damn time. I’m not going to do it because they want me to, so I can be seen as gorgeous or beautiful. I’m gonna focus on my children and my character, who I am as a human being.”

Jeannie thinks there’s nothing wrong with a makeover if that’s what someone needs to replenish themselves after carrying a child. She said, “Whatever it is for you to just feel like you gotta kick-start to put yourself back into a 2.0 bod for yourself and your child, go on with your bad self and do it!”

Tam then noted that “the world is obsessed with seeing the snapback in like two months. The reality is that the average woman doesn’t snap back… It happens in like two years.”

Adrienne is all good with mommy makeovers if the woman is asking for it, but emphasized the importance of caring for one’s self emotionally as well, saying, “While doing the mommy makeover or the physical stuff, let’s add some of the emotional stuff. Let’s find out what is it that she needs for her soul. We always say self-care, but what about soul care?”

Do you think new moms are under pressure to snap back right away?


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