'The Real' Hosts Discuss Whether a Guy Can Be TOO Nice

Would a guy who’s too nice be a turnoff? That’s the question “The Real” hosts wondered about on Friday’s show.

According to Jeannie, the definition of nice is important when making this call.

Jeannie remarked, “There’s a big difference between being too nice and too passive. A man that is passive, he lets people walk over you, he doesn’t stand up for what he believes in. That’s different. But being super kind. We need more kind, selfless, good people in this world.”

Loni joked that she worries about men being “too broke!” She added, “But being too nice, we get into this 'we gotta have a bad boy, he gotta treat us bad. The sex is good.' Let me tell you something, some nice men have some nice sex too!”

Tam’s take is that nice is all good, but that doesn’t mean a guy should always agree with you. She said, “My only thing is, I want you to be nice, right? However, I want you to know how to stand up for yourself. I want you to argue with me. I can’t be with too nice of a guy and we have an argument, and they always are passive and they let you have your way.”

Adrienne wants a real guy, but she wants a “real nice guy” and not someone phony. She elaborated, “Nice is being considerate. It’s also not being clingy, because let me tell you, if you’re nice, you’re nice enough to be considerate of the fact that I need some space, so I think we don’t know what nice actually means. Nice is being kind, it’s being thoughtful, it’s being generous, but it’s also being able to have a conversation and disagree in a kind, respectful way.”

Do you agree with the ladies? What does being nice in a relationship mean to you?


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