Adrienne Is Not a Fan of THIS, But Israel Loves It!

Is there one activity your significant other is into, and you just can’t even?

Adrienne revealed on Monday’s show that she and Israel have different ideas of fun when it comes to… shopping.

When the hosts of “The Real” got to talking about how men often get bored while going shopping with their ladies, Adrienne sided with the guys in the scenario, because she has no interest in spending the day at a store.

Adrienne admitted, “You guys know that I hate shopping. I do not enjoy shopping at all. Walking into a store and randomly just looking around sounds like torture to me. I like to walk into the store, I know exactly what I’m there for. ‘I’m looking for a button-down shirt.’ Boom. I know where to go. I know my size, and I walk right out the door.”

Here’s the thing: Adrienne’s hubby Israel is a huge fan of shopping.

Adrienne added, “Israel could spend all day at the mall. I’d be like, ‘Nah, boo. I’m good. I’ll meet you up at the food court.’” She even said she wouldn’t last very long and would go sit in the car, although she’s given him two hours.

Jeannie, clearly a proponent of shopping, had some advice for Adrienne to make shopping fun: Have Israel help her choose what he likes on her. But Adrienne doesn’t even get as far as a fitting room.

Adrienne explained, “I definitely don’t try on clothes. I never, ever try on clothes. I will take that home. If it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.”

Do you agree with Adrienne here? Is there an activity your boo loves, and you just don’t have the patience for it?


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