What’s Your Spirit Animal in the Bedroom?

Everyone talks about what their spirit animal is in life, but what about in the bedroom?

On Monday’s episode of “The Real,” the ladies and guest bro-host Joey Fatone got candid about their potential “wild” counterparts behind closed doors.

Fatone admitted that choosing a sexual spirit animal was tough, but he did come up with one idea: a dog! Why? “They’re loyal and happy to see you every time you come through that door.” He also called out their protective and obedience traits.

Tamera described herself as a tigress, because she’s “fierce and compassionate.” Jeannie would have to be a butterfly because she goes though her stages and her metamorphosis. Jeannie added, “When I’m ready to blossom, I like to flutter around and look for the sweet nectar to taste.”


Adrienne said the most obvious choice for her would be a cheetah, but didn’t go there because “they’re fast.” Adrienne explained, “I decided to go with the fox. Okay, people. The fox is creative and curious, and there’s never a dull moment.”

Real fam, does your spirit animal differ from the one you have in the bedroom?


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