Adrienne Questions What It Means to Be 'Rich' in Life

Does being “rich” necessarily mean having a lot of money?

On Thursday’s show, the ladies of “The Real” got to talking about the idea of marrying someone wealthy as a way for women to get into the one percent. But what does rich in life really mean?

Adrienne said that looking at how individuals define the word is important, and that saying “I do” to a person for financial security does not necessarily equal lifelong happiness.

Adrienne said, “My issue with this is how people define rich. I’d rather be rich in the quality of my life than in my bank account, so while I think, ‘Okay, it’s great marrying a man who has a bunch of money. Have fun living in a mansion lonely, sad, depressed…’ You don’t know what that person goes through. We always hear stories that say money doesn’t solve your problems. Biggie said, ‘Mo money, mo problems,’ so there was that, too!”

She went on to say she’d prefer to count on herself, explaining, “I’d rather work really hard and be proud of the amount of money that I bring in to help myself, rather than marrying somebody just to be in the one percent.”

Jeannie added that when she’s really in love with someone, she wants to know everything about that person and spend all her time with them. She noted, “If there’s only one percent of that person that you like, ninety-nine percent of yourself is going to be miserable!”

Guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown is all about financial independence. Yvette remarked, “I feel that it’s important, especially as women... we need to make sure that we aspire to build a life for ourselves, because men die, marriages end. So if he is making all the money, if it goes sour, you’re kind of in the position where you’re going to have to figure out how to keep yourself afloat.”

What do you think, Real fam?


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