The Dos & Don'ts of Friendship, According to the Ladies of 'The Real'

A friendship is one of the most precious things in life, isn’t it? But sometimes friendship is complicated, messy, and leaves us wondering just how to deal.

The hosts of “The Real” have discussed many friend-related dilemmas over the years, and shared their thoughts on the dos and don’ts of being a bestie. Just what have they said about certain friendship scenarios? If you need some friend-spriation, their comments might just be what you’re looking for.

In a recent conversation about when you know it’s time to move on from a friendship, Adrienne touched on what might make someone come to the decision to let go. “Your lives are in two completely different places, you don’t connect anymore… shoot, she might get on your damn nerves when you hang around her. You might be like, ‘Oh, wow. I’ve really outgrown this person. And sometimes that’s okay. It’s okay to love somebody, that doesn’t mean you don’t wish them well or want good things to happen to them, you just have to love them sometimes from a distance,” adding that sometimes there are “friendships that are there for a season.”

The ladies got real about the complex idea of two friends liking the same guy, and Jeannie had a personal take on the subject. “Is it a hard situation? Should it change who you are as a woman, and who you should be to pretty much win him if you’re the right one?” She went on to explain that she’s been a “triangle” with a friend and a crush before, saying, “I just continued being myself in the most Jeannie-esque way around him,” and she ended up dating him!

Do you think it’s okay to poke fun at your friends? The hosts talked about how it’s cool to shade one another, but only because they’re so bonded. Tamera explained, “Because we’re so close, we also know our boundaries, we know when we can go too far. We can see it on each other’s faces.”

What about lying to friends? While Adrienne thinks “it’s never healthy to tell someone lies to make someone feel better,” Loni never wants to hurt someone’s feelings. Loni’s approach? “I tend to just not volunteer information unless they ask.”

Real fam, what’s the best advice about friendship you ever received?


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