'Real' Confidence-Building Quotes from the Hosts About Loving Yourself

Confidence and self-worth can be a struggle, and sometimes you need the right words of wisdom to remind you that you are enough.

The ladies of “The Real” aren’t afraid to go deep on topics like body image, self-care, and believing in what you got. Here are just a few of their quotes. Get empowered, people!

In 2017, Tamera opened up about learning to feel comfortable in her own skin, despite what others say, explaining, “If you love yourself, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says. You own that moment in time.”

Jeannie has talked about the importance of learning to love who you are so you can move forward. She said, “If you don’t know where to find self-love, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life trying to find it somewhere else.”

Loni was open and honest about how loving yourself can open you up to loving others. “If you find yourself, if you love yourself, you know what you want in life. When you love yourself, you know when a love is struggle love, and you don’t want struggle love. You want a loyal love. You want love that you don’t mind just sitting in a car and you guys are okay together.”

Adrienne has shared her thoughts about why self-worth needs to come first in certain relationships. “I think if we feel like we have our own worth, and if we’re contributing our own thing to the situation we won’t feel like that. We won’t feel like, ‘I have to stick around and be with this man who’s disrespecting me, who’s cheating on me, because he has all the money, and because I need to maintain the lifestyle that I live, and I get to live that because I’m with him. Let go of that! Your self-worth and your self-respect is so much more than anything that money can buy.”

Real fam, what makes you feel more confident, and how do you show yourself love?


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