It’s Almost Wedding Season! Time for Some Advice From 'The Real' Hosts

Spring has almost sprung, which means you might have a few wedding invitations on your fridge or in a drawer somewhere… or you might be tying the knot soon yourself.

Weddings come with a lot of burning questions, whether you’re throwing one or attending, like, “How many guests should I invite? Can I bring a date? Why is this bachelorette party so damn expensive?” The hosts of “The Real” have discussed wedding etiquette, practices and preferences, and we always love to hear what they have to say. Here are some of their takes on everything that comes with saying “I do.”

Would you attend a wedding you didn’t approve of?

Adrienne replied, “No! And guess what? I don’t want nobody at my wedding that doesn’t approve of it, that isn’t sending good vibes, and good energy and good love. Now, I will say this. There is a difference between ‘I approve of this versus’… There’s a difference between thinking, ‘Are these people going to last forever? Are they soulmates? Do I think they’re the perfect couple?’ and thinking, ‘I think this is utterly a wrong mistake, I don’t approve. Like when they go and say, ‘Speak now or forever hold your peace,’ and I can’t hold my peace I shouldn’t be there.”

What about not attending a friend’s wedding because it’s too expensive?

Jeannie has said, “I think you shouldn’t feel obligated to go to your friend’s every occasion… wedding, baby shower… if you can’t make it financially or just because of time. I think just showing up in some way to show your support for what they’re celebrating can be done on your own time. If I can’t make your wedding because I can’t afford it, I would love to come over to your house and cook you guys dinner.”

What about inviting an ex to a wedding?

Adrienne remarked, “I just think it’s awkward. If you’re starting a new chapter, let the old go. Let it stay where it was. I think no matter what great relationship you have with the person, you guys are great friends, it was an amicable breakup… consider the other person’s feelings.”

When it comes to wedding invitations, Loni is sentimental. “I save all the important things like my birthday cards, wedding invitations… I save those,” she recently shared when the ladies weighed in on whether online invitations were the wave of the future.

Tamera admitted she wouldn’t mind sharing a wedding with her brothers, saying, “I’m very, very close with them. The only thing is I would have to make sure I really like the girl. I would have to love her. She would have to feel like a part of the family.”

Would you make a speech at your own wedding? “If it’s your wedding, you should be able to do whatever you want,” Loni said.

Do you have any good wedding tips, thoughts or advice to share? Let us know!


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