Have You Ever Missed Work Because of a Breakup?

Is a breakup a valid excuse for not going to work? That’s one topic the ladies of “The Real” discussed on Tuesday’s show.

A broken heart is never an easy thing to deal with, but the hosts talked about whether it’s an acceptable excuse for not showing up at your job.

Adrienne shared her thoughts, saying, “Where have we gotten... to a point to where a man has such control over your life that you can’t function enough to go to your job that pays for your livelihood, your home… Guys, we’re taking this too far. I get having a broken heart. I get that it hurts so bad. But sometimes I actually think that going to work can maybe be a distraction for you. Something that you can put your mind towards that gets your mind off of the pain and the hurt you’re going through.”

Loni noted that when she was an engineer, she did get offered “mental health days,” so that would fall under that category. But Loni insisted, “All breakups are not the same.”

Tamera said she had a friend who went through this, and admitted she herself isn’t "a great break-upper.”

Jeannie recalled her recent divorce experience, saying, “I knew that if I sat at home, I know myself well enough that I would wallow in it, I would absolutely mourn in it. I would start to self-shame and self-guilt, and all these things that when your mind is free... it starts to go into those zones that maybe aren’t healthy.

Jeannie added that going to work “reminded” her that she worked hard to get to where she is, and it surrounded her with supportive people like her co-hosts and her Real fam, and allowed her to laugh.

Adrienne added that if you’re really hurting, seeking help is also an option. “I will say this. There is a difference. If you really, really feel like you’re not okay, it is okay to go get help as well. I don’t say just stay home and just don’t go to work. Go speak to somebody, go get help, because depression is real, and if that’s what’s happening, that’s completely different, and I want to make sure that we’re not saying, ‘Oh, you’re being silly. If you really feel that, then again, it’s not a question of, ‘Do I take off work?’”

Have you ever missed work because of a breakup?


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