'The Real' Ladies Talk About How to Meet Men!

When it comes to meeting a romantic partner, you can go about things with an old-school approach, or use modern avenues like apps and online dating.

The ladies of “The Real” chatted about old-fashioned rules of courtship on Thursday’s show, shouting out an outdated article from the ‘50s that suggested places for finding a man, such as reading the obituaries for eligible widowers and dropping your handkerchief to catch someone’s attention! So, did the hosts think this antiquated advice is worth listening to?

As Adrienne noted, “You can drop your whole body and they’d be like, ‘I think somebody should help her!’”

Loni joked, “Nobody’s in the obituaries but old dudes!

While some of these tips aren’t exactly popular, Jeannie thought that she got the point of the list since chivalry isn’t as much of a priority in dating culture today. “We as women today are shocked when we see a man open the door for you or stand up at the table when you’re about to leave, that’s so beautiful.” She also adored the women’s body language and flirting style in old films.

There is something to be said for trying to meet someone in person as opposed to on the internet. Loni suggests ideas like golf tournaments, tennis tournaments and charity events.

Adrienne reminded not to neglect apps, because options are always important. Loni is an advocate of apps, since she found her boyfriend on one!

So, Real fam… Where do you think is the best place to meet a man? Did you meet your significant other somewhere unexpected?


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