What Do You Think About Posting Good Deeds on Social Media?

If a good deed is done and nobody sees it, does it really count? That’s the question “The Real” hosts got into on Thursday’s episode.

Does doing something charitable or lending a helping hand need to be posted on social media for all the world to see?

Adrienne explained, “I personally think that it’s best to do it quietly. I do agree that the only person that matters that sees it, again, is God, and I think that’s the most important thing... is that you did something good. I think that’s what integrity is really about. It’s that you’re doing good things and kind things to people when no one is watching.”

Jeannie agrees and feels that even if you broadcast your good deed, it still was a good deed. “The only thing is… for me, personally, I don’t know if I can dismiss someone just because they recorded it. Sometimes on the gram, we see lots of good videos that are feel-good videos, and either someone posted it, and that can seem as notoriety or the person recorded themselves. Either way, if the deed was actually done, whether you turned around and paid for somebody’s groceries or you helped a person off the streets, if it was done, it was done. I’m not going to be so busy judging it, I’m going to be inspired.”

Adrienne feels that especially in the case of celebrities who have large platforms, people share their acts with the goal of inspiring others and influencing positive change.

Loni added that how a good deed is shared with followers is important. “If you’re doing something that doesn’t expose somebody else, I think it’s okay.”

Tamera said, “It’s all about that person’s motive. And we can’t truly judge that person’s motive, only God can.”

Loni also felt that she would rather see videos like that, than people fighting or something negative. “If it’s a good deed video, you know, show it!”

Real fam, have you ever shared on social media about a good deed you did?


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