Do You Consider a Bad Kisser a Dealbreaker?

How important is it to you that your potential partner be a good kisser?

The ladies of “The Real” got to talking about the topic of sloppy smoochers on Friday’s show, and weighed in on whether a bad kisser means more or if the art of kissing is something that can be taught.

While Loni thinks the guy has to listen so you can show them how to kiss, Jeannie believes that “at 40 years old, the kiss is the gateway to all the other things this person can do.” Jeannie explained, “If he or she can’t kiss by the age of 40, I’m not sitting here trying to be your teacher!”

Loni added that “maybe nobody taught them the correct way.”

Adrienne called on her experience with her husband Israel, explaining that she enjoyed her teaching lessons because the way he kisses now differs from when they initially started dating. “It wasn’t that he was bad then, it was a nice kiss. It just was a very different style than what I was used to.”

When Tamera inquired how to teach someone to kiss well, Adrienne elaborated that the first time she kissed Israel he asked her if that was how she usually kissed. She even went on to use Loni’s hand for a kissing tutorial!

Adrienne concluded, “He wasn’t kissing like that before me, I’m just saying!”

Real fam, does your date have to be a good kisser, or are you willing to teach them?


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