Kids' Menus: Unnecessary or All Good?

Should little ones be about the foodie life? The hosts of “The Real” discussed the topic of picky eaters, including a mom’s view that kids’ menus shouldn’t exist.

Jeannie asked Tamera what she thought about her own children’s preferences. Tam explained, “It’s easier said than done. I don’t think I would omit the kids’ menu one hundred percent. I would treat it as a treat.”

Tamera went on to explain that Aden is more of a picky eater, and with Ariah, she started out with fruits and vegetables and then introduced sweeter items. Tam added, “But you gotta let kids live every now and then! Because what’s going to happen is... Have you ever met that kid in school whose parents didn’t allow them to have any candy? Then once they would go out, they would get it somewhere else, and then they’re the one that ends up with the crazy cavities! I think in everything there should be a balance.”

Loni thinks taking away kids’ menus is unrealistic because it’s economical and it’s a smaller size. “Let kids be kids, they don’t necessarily don’t want to eat grown folks foods all the time!”

Adrienne noted that kids often eat bland foods and they might not be interested in trying elevated cuisine like sushi or truffles.

Jeannie didn’t experience this because she ate whatever her parents ate. “I grew up eating exactly what my parents ate.” Jeannie also admitted she often feels bad when she looks at kids’ menus because the options aren’t exactly healthy or good all the time. “I like to share whatever cousin Jeannie’s eating. If I’m going to eat good, I want you to eat good too. Then the kids grow up with a more elevated palate. When they grow up, they have more of a grown sense of flavor to themselves.”

Do you have any tips for picky eaters? Are you a fan of kids’ menus?


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