Jeannie Explains How 'Wearapy' Helps Her at the Gym

Do you ever feel intimidated when going to the gym, Real fam? Well, allow Jeannie to explain why she’s a fan of “wearapy” when it comes to beating those workout worries.

On Monday’s show, the ladies of “The Real” got to talking about reasons why people often avoid the gym, and how to potentially get over insecurities when it comes to working out in public.

Jeannie understands that gym worries are legit for some. “You compare yourself to other people. It’s a real fear.” She recommends putting on headphones and zoning out.

As Tamera pointed out, Jeannie looks like a “walking Instagram work-out model” and that her fitness clothes and hair look cute, even when she’s lifting weights!

Well, Jeannie’s gym outfits come down to her “wearapy” theory. Jeannie explained, “I’ve said it before. Wearapy. I call it wearapy. What you wear can therapeutically enhance your mood.” She added that even if you’re not feeling it, if you look fly you might look in the mirror and start feeling yourself more.

Loni doesn’t care how she looks at the gym because she’s “there trying to get a mission!” Adrienne noted that she works out to “accomplish a goal” and uses the other girls around her who have six packs as inspiration!

Adrienne went on to elaborate, saying, “I’m trying to get like you! You look at those people as inspiration and not intimidation. Don’t be intimidated because someone else has a six pack. Trust me, she worked really hard at getting that and you can too!”

Jeannie added that people should do whatever it takes to get in their zone, whether it be music or that sauna at the end, just making time for you.

How do you get motivated to work out? Do you like to get dressed up for the gym?


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