Adrienne Has This Texting Advice for Jeannie

There’s one thing that Jeannie is so over when it comes to texting in the dating game: when guys send her three dreaded letters: WYD. The ladies of “The Real” got to talking about phrases they’re sick of hearing from men, and Jeannie revealed she isn’t a fan of being asked what she’s up to and then getting no follow-through after responding!

Jeannie elaborated on her pet peeve, explaining, “When they ask you, ‘WYD, what you doing?’ So, then you answer, and I think, the majority of us women are never usually just sitting there waiting for you to call. ‘Oh, I was going to do some laundry. Or I was going to go to the gym or do some errands.’ And then they go, ‘Cool.’”

Jeannie added that the phrase annoys her because it makes her wonder why they’re even asking and if they want to insert themselves into potential plans. She would prefer a different approach to making a date happen, like a guy just decisively telling her where to be and when: “Friday the 17th. I’ve got a musical. Two tickets. You’re coming with me. 7 o’clock. I’m picking you up. Wear red.” Got it!

Loni, who has dealt with online dating, thinks that all WYD means is just that: what are you doing. “I just look at it as a greeting,” she said. If they beat around the bush and don’t end up taking the next step, then it’s just not meant to be. Her attitude? “If they’re not asking me out, I feel like they don’t like me, so I keep moving. I keep it moving.” Loni also thinks that when you’re meeting lot of dudes through online dating you have to feel them out through texts and the kinds of dates they’re willing to go on.

Tamera feels Jeannie’s confusion, and doesn’t get the point of a guy texting without following through, but Loni’s theory is that guys texting Jeannie know that she’s busy.

Adrienne thinks Jeannie should take a different approach: “Let’s do an experiment. Maybe when you actually tell them what you’re doing, which Jeannie is always doing something, it tells them that you’re unavailable, so they write, ‘cool.’ Versus, maybe if you are doing mad stuff, write to them, ‘Nothing. Just chilling. What’s up?’ Just try it.”

Do you agree with Adrienne’s advice? What’s your biggest texting pet peeve?


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