Would You Consider Changing Your Hairstyle During Your Wedding?

Brides getting mid-wedding haircuts is apparently a new trend, and the hosts of “The Real” weighed in on what they think of the decision to switch things up on one of the most important days of your life.

Tamera seemed skeptical and thought the choice was risky, while Loni suggested she would be more comfortable with just changing her wig instead of going so far as to cut her hair and debut a whole new permanent look!

Adrienne’s perspective didn’t just consider the bride’s feelings -- but also the grooms. “Just because it’s your moment and you want to do something drastic to switch it up, maybe your man isn’t going to be here for it!” Adrienne went on to say, “A lot of us women have the tendency to be like, ‘It’s my big day, I can do what I want,’ which I agree with, but also consider that it’s his big day as well.”

Jeannie responded to that opinion with, “It’s also your big day. It’s also your big moment. You gotta do what you feel comfortable about. He is going to love you no matter what.”

Adrienne said she would love her husband no matter what, but she wouldn’t have preferred Israel to come out with something extreme like a mohawk at their reception!

Tam has personal experience when it comes to swapping looks, since she did some quick-changing at her own wedding. She asked, “Why not just change your hairstyle? I know, for me, I had like three outfits. I went a little bit extreme.”

Tamera said she started with a chignon, which she describes as a “soft romantic updo,” and then she opted to let her hair down with her next outfit: “It gave me an entire new look, and I was able to practice the hair and see how I would look in that new dress.”

Tam added that if you get a haircut that you don’t like mid-wedding, you’ll have to deal with that the entire day, and that’s what you might remember.

Would you be open to switching up your hair during your big day, Real fam? Are you a fan of mid-wedding style changes?


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