The Ladies Weigh In On the Fitspiration Trend

After a workout, do you post a pic to inspire your followers? You’ve probably scrolled through Instagram over the past few years and come across a photo of someone standing in front of a gym mirror in a post-workout glow showing off their hard work.

Fitspiration has become a trend on social media and the ladies of “The Real” chatted about the pros and cons of the popular practice on Wednesday’s show, and discussed whether or not it actually inspires or not.

Dr. Drew felt these photos might set up unrealistic expectations because not everyone’s bodies are the same, and Loni pointed out that it’s important to make sure that those posting don’t act like they got to where were naturally if they didn’t.

Adrienne chimed in, “I don’t think we should be looking at anybody, natural, not natural, expecting to become that person.”

Loni also mentioned that using the word “inspiration” might not be the right way to describe what’s truly going on. “Say, I just want to show off my body,” she offered up, adding that we should be working to get healthy.

Jeannie noted that inspiration can be for health, explaining that if your motivation is just based on your appearance, you won’t necessarily achieve the confidence you might be looking for. Jeannie said, “I learned that obviously if you’re doing something to aesthetically just look better, it’s not going to have a lasting effect on your confidence, point blank period. But I did learn in the last two years of really learning how to love my body differently and gain weight and put it in the right places and put in the work that strong is sexy. When you feel strong, you feel capable. That’s inspirational.”

One of Dr. Drew’s thoughts? “Women already take on so much, you guys take on so much. Your inventory in your head, you take responsibility for everything. Let’s not add another thing to that. Let’s just celebrate them.”

Do you get inspired by workout photos, Real fam? Do you ever post gym selfies in an effort to motivate others?


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