When Does a Man's Guy-ological Clock Kick In?

Is there a way to know when a man is truly ready to settle down? Loni, Adrienne, Jeannie and Dr. Drew talked about male maturity compared to females on Wednesday’s show.

According to Dr. Drew, 28 could be the magic number when it comes to male development. “Consequences and executive function come really into gear about age 28,” Dr. Drew explained while discussing men’s frontal lobes, although he also added that he’s not speaking for all men.

So, how do you know when the timing is right?

Adrienne went on to share her thoughts, saying that medical perspective aside, she believes sometimes a guy comes to a realization because they enter a particular place in their lives or meet a particular person. Adrienne said, “You guys know I believe in love, and I think there’s a certain age that you get to or a certain relationship or certain woman that you meet that makes you want things you didn’t want before.”

She went on to say that the guy-ological clock might depend on the person, adding, “The guy-ological clock happens for different people at different times. I think there definitely is… Look at someone like a George Clooney. He went his entire life. He didn’t have children. He met his wife and suddenly the man wanted children.”

Dr. Drew noted that men might often think in terms of being the head of a family and not necessarily, “I want kids.”

How do you know when a guy is really ready to settle down, Real fam?


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